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APC 60 Cove Trim 3m (Bright Silver)


APC60-3-BS – Bright Silver Finish – 3metre.

Creates a radius between wall and floor tiles that are easy to clean.

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B.AT Trims - Buy OnlineAPC 60 Cove Trim 3m (Bright Silver)

Bright Silver Finish – 3 metre length – APC 60 aluminium cove trim. Available in range of colours and finished B.A.T Trim Coves have been designed in close consultation with health departments and architects the BAT Cove trims when correctly installed provide a sealed surface between floor and walls that is easy to clean.

Internal and external corners are made to order.

APC 60 Cove Trim 3m (Bright Silver) 2

APC 60 Cove Trim 3m (Bright Silver) 3

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions3000 mm


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