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Maxisil A Silicone 310ml


*Please note that colour samples are not true to the actual colour. This is a guide only.



Maxisil A is a acetic cure silicone recommended for ceramic tiled areas. Bathrooms, kitchens, wet areas etc. It is suitable to be used either for interior and exterior areas. Maxisil A has built in fungicides for mould resistance, it also has excellent weather ability and is  resistant to ageing, UV radiation and resistant to chemicals and temperature. Maxisil A has primerless adhesion to clean, dry surfaces such as ceramics, glass, acrylics, aluminium, painted wood with very good tooling and smoothing properties .Time-saving with easy cleanup system. *Please note that colour samples are not true to the actual colour. This is a guide only.

Additional information

A Colours

Alabaster A17, Aluminium A15, Antracite A13, Bahama Beige A11, Basalt A7, Beige A24, Bermuda A44, Black A16, Blossom A65, Blue Grey A8, Brown A28, Burgundy A34, Canvas A22, Cashmere A49, Cinder A63, Cinnamon A73, Clear A1, Cocoa A47, Cotto A32, Daffodil A64, Deep Terracotta A61, Denim A47, Flash Grey A6, Grey A10, Havana A29, Ivory A19, Jade A69, Light Grey A4, Macchiato A71, Mauve A66, Mid Beige A23, Mid Brown A27, Mid Grey A5, Mink A58, Mint A52, Mocha A60, Neutral A53, Off White A3, Pewter Grey A56, Platinum A9, Plover A57, Red A33, Salmon A59, Sand A21, Sienna A62, Snow White A46, Sorrento A45, Stone A18, Taupe A72, Terracotta A70, Travertine A20, Turquoise A68, Vanilla A55, Violet A67, Walnut A37, White A2


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