Maximo Commodore Plastic Grate
Maximo Commodore Plastic Grate $33.50

APC Cove Combo Trim 10mm Int Corner (Gloss White)

APCOVIC10-PH – Gloss White 10mm Internal Corner.

Combination of APC60 and cove trim. Avail in range of colours.


B.AT Trims - Buy OnlineAPC Cove Combo Trim 10mm Internal Corner (Gloss White)

Gloss White 10mm Internal Corner – Available in range of colours and finishes B.A.T Trim combination coves have been designed as a combination of the APC60 can cove trim.

Australian owned and operated, B.A.T. Trims specialises in producing quality tiling trims, as well as tools and equipment.

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