L-Angle Tile Trim 25mm x 3m (Matt Silver)
L-Angle Tile Trim 25mm x 3m (Matt Silver) $13.70

Ghelfi SqualoMAX 1000mm Wet Saw


Ghelfi SqualoMAX 1000mm Wet Saw

Ghelfi SqualoMAX 1000mm Wet Saw Features: 2 HP (1.5 kW) engine, direct-on-disc • Cutting length 1000mm, Cutting depth 60mm • Comes with 250mm cutting blade


SqualoMAX 1000mm Features:

  • 100% Aluminium table chassis and covers, Stainless steel headrails and adjustable armoured ball bearings
  • Polyethylene water basin with screw-in cap
  • Water cooling system featuring armoured pipe, metallic tap and bilateral blade spray terminals
  • Magnetic-induction pump
  • PVC cable/pipe protection chain
  • Cutting head’s vertical tilt system allows for cut depth adjusting
  • Cutting system’s side tilt capability eases up to 45° (“mitre”) cut
  • Front, back and bilateral side blade protection devices included
  • Electrical system featuring magneto thermal protection and release coil
  • Retractable legs include a fall-protection device
  • Table handles and transport wheels included

Supports 250mm and 300mm blades

Also available: Ghelfi SqualoMAX 720mm Wet Saw. For cutting tiles up to 1300mm, check out the Ghelfi SqualoTOP 1300mm Wet Saw

5 Year Guarantee, conditions apply.Ghelfi SqualoMAX 1000mm Wet Saw

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Weight40 kg


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