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Sigma Support Arm XL Right


Replacement extra large support right arm for Sigma tile cutters.


Sigma Tiling Tools - Buy OnlineSigma Support Arm XL Right

ART283 – Replacement Sigma extra large support right arm for Sigma tile cutters ART3E3M, ART3E2K & ART3F3M.

Check out our range of Sigma Tile Cutter Replacement pieces and accessories. Renowned for producing high-quality, durable tile cutters, Sigma has 50 years of expertise in designing the best equipment for the job. Sigma has been specializing since 1964 in the production of equipment for tilers, specifically designed to satisfy the changing needs of the industry. Buy Online with TSP Trims – Australia Wide Delivery.

Additional Spare Parts and Accessories:

ART3E3M: Support Arm XL Right,
ART3E2K: Support Screw, Sliding Square, Clamping Knob Lever, Clamping Knob Nut, Support Arm XL Right,
ART3F3M: Support Arm XL Right,

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