Maxisil A Silicone

Maxisil Acetic cure silicone is suitable for all ceramic tile areas. It has been designed especially for expansion joints in sanitary areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and also flooring sectors. Suitable for both Interior and Exterior areas. Built-in fungicides resist surface mould growth. Features excellent weatherability, and is resistant to UV radiation, chemicals and temperature. It also allows for primerless adhesion to clean, dry surfaces, and features very good tooling and smoothing properties.
Time-saving with an easy cleanup system.

Maxisil N Silicone

This non-staining, Neutral cure silicone is suitable for sealing expansion joints in natural stone such as marble and granite. Suitable for both interior and exterior areas. Maxisil N guarantees that there is no danger of softeners or other components migrating into the edge of the stone. Easy to apply, with good tooling properties.

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Maxisil A Silicone 310ml


Maxisil N Silicone 310ml

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