Mortarloc Stainless Steel 25mm x 1.8m (6mm)
Mortarloc Stainless Steel 25mm x 1.8m (6mm) $74.00
BAT Mosaic Guard 15mm x 3m (Mill Finish)
Mosaic Corner Guard Trim 15mm x 3m (Mill Finish) $21.50

Maximo Commodore Plastic Grate


BAT Maximo plastic grate hangs in bucket.


B.AT Trims - Buy OnlineMaximo Commodore Plastic Grate

Replacement grate for Maximo grout clean-up systemB.A.T Trims Maximo plastic grate that hangs in the bucket.

B.A.T. TRIMS Pty. Ltd. has been serving the Tiling Industry for more than 35 years. This solely Australian owned and operated family business started from humble beginnings in 1985 and specialises in producing a wide range of quality tiling trims, tools and equipment.

Buy Replacement parts and accessories online with TSP Trims – Australia Wide Delivery.





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