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SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer 120ltr

SORM120L – The original SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer 120ltr. Motor 1.1kw. Rpm 30. Drum Capacity 123Ltr. Mixing Capacity 120ltr. Width 72cm. Length 95cm. Weight 105kg.



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Soroto Forced action Mixer 120ltr

The original SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer 120ltr – Featuring loading wheels, telescopic legs, trowel bracket, bucket stand and also a safety grid and switch. Recommended for use with render, mortar, screeds etc. 2 year warranty.

SoRoTo Forced Action Mixer 120ltr Features:

  • Faster cleaning and replacement of the Distinctive Soroto mixer arms is possible without the need for tools. Also available with rubber blades for mixes containing aggregates. Small loading wheels and custom made lowered nuts mean you can easily load the machine onto the truck. Even the biggest machines are easy to handle.
  • Gear motor – maximum power – minimum load. A powerful motor which has the lowest possible ampere consumption, therefore minimising the strain on the power grid and also the environment. The mounted bracket is suitable for holding a brick trowel. All 240V machines are also equipped with a robust bucket stand for a masonry bucket.
  • Both the Safety Grid in front of the discharge chute and the safety switch ensure that you do not risk harming yourself when using the mixer. Additionally,  both the 200Ltr and 300ltr models are equipped with a spare power outlet for work lighting, industrial vacuum cleaner, belt conveyor, etc.
  • The SoRoTo Forced Mixer 120ltr features a rubber strap that ensures that the grid lid does not open during use or transport. Telescopic legs ensure the right working height. An optional dust controller also helps to avoid dangerous dust discomfort – without losing the opportunity to keep an eye on the mixture, as you do with a closed forced action mixer.

Delivery is available Australia wide.

Motor 1.1kw, Rpm 30.

Drum Capacity 123Ltr, Mixing Capacity 120ltr.

Width 72cm, Length 95cm, Weight 105kg.

SoRoTo Mixers are available in four sizes: 80ltr, 100ltr, 120ltr and 300ltr.


Australia wide delivery

Weight600 kg


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